History of Adamjee Cantonment School and College

The first two Principals of the school were British Nationals: Mr. Dolman and Mr. J.E.M Thornhill. Other teachers were recruited from the best available in the country and from Dhaka, in order to give the students the best possible education. The tuition fees were then the highest in the country, a princely sum of Tk.65/-per month.

The school attracted many talented scholars from all over the country. Besides academic work, there were extra-curricular activities including sports like hockey, soccer and even rugby.

The first group of students who appeared in the matriculation examination under the East Pakistan Secondary Board in 1962, secured some of the top academic positions. Subsequent batches also went on to secure laurels. Interesting extra curricular activities like piano playing, book browsing, winter camps and even organising census of people around the school were held. It was well known that whoever studied in this school turned out to be well groomed and outstanding individuals, this was borne out from the career path many of the students subsequently followed. Since many of the students came from the families who were working for the Armed Forces of Pakistan, a whole generation of leaders were schooled and served the Armed Forces first in Pakistan and later in Bangladesh. However, some top business leaders, bankers, diplomats and professional in Bangladesh also came from Adamjee School and College.